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Entelligence Services at a glance
Entelligence delivers a complete range of IT services from consulting and outsourcing services to focused technology services and solutions. At Entelligence we listen carefully and respond fast. We work collaboratively with you, understanding your needs, and implementing innovative solutions tailored to your requirements.
IT Consulting

At Entelligence we are up to date with the best industry practices and latest technologies.
With our team competencies and know-how we can help you find the solution that is best suited to your needs.
We will help you achieve results across a range of business areas, including, CRM, ERP, Business intelligence, Change Management, as well as technical areas including datacenter, Windows Server Infrastructure and much more.
We will work closely with your team in order to set the strategic direction of your Information Technology.
Infrastructure and Application Management (SLA)

Entelligence can take over the responsibility of managing and operating all or part of your IT infrastructure.
Infrastructure and Application management outsourcing is a service that covers the following areas:
Data center management
It includes Servers Hardware, Operating Systems, Email Systems, Database Systems and Backup

Network Management
It includes Internet Connectivity, Network Performance and Troubleshooting

Security Management
It includes Firewall, Threat Detection, AntiVirus, Logical and Physical Security

Desktop Management
It includes Desktop Hardware, Operating Systems Optimizations and Updates

Application Management
It includes day to day maintenance and optimization of all business and desktop applications

A Service Level Agreement will direct the relationship between Entelligence and it’s clients.
Business application selection and implementation

Entelligence guides its clients through the preparation of the user requirements manual as well as the business rules definition, as a mandatory step before the business application selection.
Entelligence then assists the client in the solution selection and implementation.
Business solutions span a wide range of applications such as:
- Document Management System
- Business Intelligence
- Corporate Website, E-Commerce and Web 2.0
System integration

Having disparate IT systems will result in double data entry, additional overheads, and inefficient information systems.
Entelligence bridges the gap by vertically integrating all systems together seamlessly, which should result in reduced operating cost. Integration modules are designed and implemented by Entelligence according to the following rules:
- Real time information access among systems
- Streamlining business processes and helping raise organizational efficiency.
- Maintaining information integrity across multiple systems
- Ease of development and maintenance
Security Management

Enterprise data is the major asset that a company can hold. Securing this asset from internal and external threats is a major challenge to any company.
Hardware and software security solutions should be combined with internal processes in order to reach a high standard of data security.
Entelligence guides its clients in planning, setting and continuously auditing its security infrastructure.

Entelligence joins Microsoft Bizspark Network
Entelligence is proud to announce its joining to Microsoft Bizspark, the leading program for technology startups.
Launching of Entelligence NOC
Entelligence is proud to announce the launching of its State of the art Network Operations Platform.
Launching of Internet Filtering Solution
Entelligence introduces a cost effective Web Filtering, user monitoring, and internet reporting solution
Entelligence introduces IT Outsourcing Concept
Focus on your core business and outsource your IT department to industry professionals

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