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Entelligence Outsourcing Services
In its simplest sense, IT outsourcing is defined as the transfer of operational responsibility of IT business processes or infrastructure management to a third party. Outsourcing to Entelligence will help you stay competitive by releasing you from a non-core activity, thus helping you focus on your core operations. We build up a seamless symbiosis with your company to assist you in increasing profits and productivity while freeing your management time, through a high level personalized service.
Advantages of Entelligence IT outsourcing

- Allows you to focus on core / strategic business initiatives
- Less worry about continually introducing new technologies
- Frees up human resources
- Piece of mind that the process is in good hands
- Makes the business more flexible to change
- Streamlines business operations
- Gives access to professional capabilities
- Improves quality of IT functionality
- Lowers overall operational costs

Entelligence joins Microsoft Bizspark Network
Entelligence is proud to announce its joining to Microsoft Bizspark, the leading program for technology startups.
Launching of Entelligence NOC
Entelligence is proud to announce the launching of its State of the art Network Operations Platform.
Launching of Internet Filtering Solution
Entelligence introduces a cost effective Web Filtering, user monitoring, and internet reporting solution
Entelligence introduces IT Outsourcing Concept
Focus on your core business and outsource your IT department to industry professionals

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